Saudi Arabia’s History

Looking back at the early civilizations of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s culture was formed and evolved from the time of the 1st millennium when Mineans built its kingdom in the southwestern Arabia. Their economy was based on nomadic lifestyles and […]

Saudi Arabia Local Food and Drinks

The life of the people in Saudi Arabia revolves around the religion of Islam.  It is the reason why they have two holiest sites in the country, the Mecca and Medina, as they have a public practice of praying five […]

Climate in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia being consisted of deserts with some parts with oases and about half of uninhabitable desert produces a very hot weather type of climate. Most parts of the lands located in the western regions of Saudi Arabia are plateau, […]

Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a desert known for its Islam religion, holy mosques and overseas workers. It is also a land where gold is cheap and the major exporting business is petroleum. But this kingdom is not just all about business […]

Luxury Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East, Southwestern Asia. More than nine-tenths of the country is a desert and people survive using desalinated water since it is bounded by the Red Sea […]

Getting Around in Saudi Arabia

Discovering a new place can be a thrilling adventure. Seeing new things and taking in the sights is something that you can treasure in your life. However, in a new place a person always has difficulty in getting around a […]

Saudi Arabia Airport & Flights

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the busiest airports in the world. With it’s three big international airports namely the King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and the King Khalid International Airport […]

Popular Cities in Saudi Arabia

Located in the Middle East, southwestern Asia, Saudi Arabia occupies four-fifths of Arabian Peninsula bounded by the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. About nine-tenths of the country is a desert as it is an upland with bands of highlands rising […]

Saudi Arabia Government

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a man-dominated monarchy headed by a king. The king serves as the head for both the state and government. The king chooses the apparent heir that will future relieve him of his duties by […]

Saudi Arabia’s Culture

The dominant religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam. The Crunchy influences most aspects of Arab individuals. This includes their economic, political, legal and personal lives. The two holiest places for Muslims are Mecca and Medina, both of which are located […]