How to Check BPJS Employment with NIK

BPJS Employment (Employment Social Security Agency) plays an important role in ensuring social security coverage for Indonesian workers.

Through BPJS Employment, workers get access to various benefits, including health insurance, work accident insurance, and pension programs.

To verify your BPJS Employment employment status, you can use your Population Identification Number (NIK) in several ways. In this guide, we will learn How to check BPJS Employment with NIK, empowering you to access and manage your social security benefits effectively.

Understanding BPJS Employment

BPJS Employment is a government-run social security program aimed at providing comprehensive protection and benefits for Indonesian workers.

Employers are required to register their employees with BPJS Employment and contribute to the program, ensuring that workers are covered for health, work accidents, disability, death, and old age.

Through BPJS Employment, employees gain access to healthcare services, financial assistance, and retirement benefits to safeguard their well-being and livelihood.

Checking BPJS Employment with NIK

Online Verification via BPJS Employment Website

One of the most convenient ways to check your BPJS Employment status is through the official BPJS Employment website.

Visit the website and navigate to the “Pengecekan Data” (Data Verification) section. Enter your NIK and other required information to access your employment details, including your BPJS Employment membership status, contribution history, and benefits eligibility.

Mobile App

BPJS Employment also offers a mobile app that allows users to access their employment information and social security benefits on the go.

Download the BPJSTKU mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and log in using your NIK and registered mobile number.

Once logged in, you can view your BPJS Employment profile, check your employment status, and access various services and benefits.

Customer Service Centers

If you prefer in-person assistance, you can visit the nearest BPJS Employment customer service center or branch office. Bring your identification documents, including your NIK and proof of employment, and request assistance from the customer service representatives. They will assist you in verifying your BPJS Employment status and address any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your social security benefits.

Employer Verification

Your employer is responsible for registering you with BPJS Employment and providing you with access to social security benefits.

If you are unsure about your employment status or BPJS Employment membership, contact your employer’s HR department or administration office.

They can verify your employment status, provide you with relevant information, and assist you in accessing your social security benefits through BPJS Employment.


Checking your BPJS Employment status with your NIK is a straightforward process that allows you to access and manage your social security benefits effectively.

Whether you prefer online verification, mobile app access, or in-person assistance, BPJS Employment offers multiple channels for verifying your employment status and accessing your benefits.

By staying informed about your BPJS Employment membership and benefits eligibility, you can ensure that you receive the necessary coverage and protection to safeguard your well-being and livelihood as an Indonesian worker.