Shopping in Saudi Arabia

Shopping is always a fun activity whether alone or with company. In Saudi Arabia, shopping is considered one of their major leisure activities.

Malls in Saudi offer different brand names from high-end to very affordable ones. One of the most popular malls in Saudi Arabia is the Al-Rashid mall, which has 6 major department stores and has over 600 shops. Shopping in Al-Rashid will truly be a different experience. It has fountains to delight even the mature tourist and the mall is embellished with beautiful decors to enchant your eyes. Whatever your shopping needs are, Saudi‚Äôs malls can surely satisfy your shopping cravings. Jewelries like tiffany and such are available for the woman who loves fine things. Cosmetics and perfumes can also be found in the vast malls in Saudi. You can even indulge yourself in lingerie like La Senza. For men who like to shop, clothes and shoes are offered for a change of clothes if you feel too hot. Some malls even house grocery stores for your essentials. A quick stop at one of the cafes and restaurants will replenish your energy for more shopping adventures. A quick note though, do not be surprised if the salesperson that will assist you with your shopping needs is a man. No need to fret because these men are well trained and they can help you with all your queries. Men and women also shop in different places. Although there is a new place where an entire floor is devoted for ladies only. Here you can shop without your abaya’s and roam around freely in your jeans and tops. All salesperson and security guards on this floor are all women too.

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Gold shopping in Saudi is very popular. You can purchase white gold, silver, diamonds, gold and many more if you know where to look. You can get great bargains if you know how to haggle and how to buy jewelry. When buying gold, make sure to check the local gold rate in the newspapers before you go out. Once you get to a gold shop, ask for the price of a particular item. If they give you a higher price, bargain for a lower price from the one you saw in the paper. Another thing to remember is that you are paying for the weight of the gold and not the workmanship. You can always go to another store until you find the right price for your item. Being persistent for the price you want may just get you a big discount especially if you are buying more than one item.

Bazaars or souks are great places to get beautiful items without too much strain on the wallet seo. Hard bargaining is a part of Saudi’s culture so be sure to haggle for a lower price. While taking in the local scenery, you can try the famous shawarmas and gawas for a more local feel.

Bookstores are also available if you want to buy a guide to Saudi to get to explore more places.

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Shopping can be a truly wonderful experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Amazing finds that will surely indulge your shopping fantasies.